Brits abroad

It warms the cockles. Makes you properly proud, you know.


A family of British holidaymakers were accused yesterday of telling the management of a five-star Florida hotel that they did not want to be waited on by black staff.

Court papers say that the family, whose principal member was named as Rodney Morgan, left the instruction when they checked into the beachside Ritz-Carlton in the city of Naples on February 28.

The family, whose other members are not identified, allegedly informed the hotel of their preference not to be served by “people of colour” or staff with “foreign accents”.

I just don’t understand. You have the wherewithal to fly to America and stay at a 5-star hotel. You supposedly live in Britain, which is, last time I looked, replete with “people of colour” or “foreign accents”. You are in a foreign country, and you demand that you are not waited on by staff with foreign accents?

I can come to only one conclusion, and it boils down to two words:

Lottery winner.

Or maybe Rodney Morgan doesn’t exist at all. Intriguing.


UPDATE: As you may expect, some of the comments over at the Daily Mail are golden.


3 thoughts on “Brits abroad

  1. I was going to post about this story but instead I’ll just add my thoughts in the comments.. .. .. Is this how fucking dire our education system has become? Racists so stupid that they object to a black man in a position of servitude?

  2. I might have taken the same action as the hotel management in this case.

    Once you have accepted a booking, you probably have a contractual obligation to accommodate the guest. So when this family subsequently issued their demands, it may have been too late to tell them to leave.

    And once lumbered, my main concern would be the protection of minority staff and guests from these folk and their attitude. Just telling the Morgan’s that their conditions would not be met, could have led to a member of staff being subjected to a tirade of abuse.

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