Law 2.0: Public beta testing

I’ve been watching the most informative Index on Censorship debate on #libelreform.

I’m quite ashamed to note that I’ve not really concerned myself with this issue until I watched this webcast.

I am quietly impressed with Dominic Grieve.

I am alarmed at how ‘Labour delegate’ does Blair, with an uncanny metre and tone that even Rory Bremner can’t master.

‘Labour delegate’ betrays a principle behind the Bad Law that has been introduced by this Labour government of prominent barristers.

They draft law, and get it through Parliament, based on a straw man argument. Then they turn the argument out into the public domain to see how it holds up.

I only realised this because I was thinking about how newly released PS3 games (and computer OSes) are always broken. Why? Because they have built in a mechanism to quietly fix it later.

Get the product out of the door. Use the revenue to fund the remediation.

The problem is this: A crashing £50 PS3 game is not as big a problem as financial and social ruin for those who are ensnared by beta testing of laws.

Look at Blair’s revelling in the evolving nature of international law vis. Iraq & Saddam.

Look at Baronness Uddin’s tacit appreciation of same vis. employment law.

It makes anyone who isn’t law-savvy extremely vulnerable & these fuckers don’t care because if they don’t have silk, they at least know a few.



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