Is technology the destroyer of free movement?

I wonder, because Index have this question:


And I reckon that, yeah, technology is carving out whole new avenues of free expression – it’s a proposition hard to oppose.

But those freedoms of expression have, at the end of the day, no physical manifestation. The moment the US government or the EU or some telecoms provider with curious funding sources emanating from Columbia, Afghanistan or South Africa pulls the plug, your web-based shit is nowhere.

So what’s really important is freedom of movement.

And how technology has fucked that up, eh? With CCTV, speed cameras, ANPR, future GPS solutions, national databases, international data-sharing, biometric passports, DNA tests, fingerprint and retina scans et fucking cetera.

It makes me ashamed to be an advocate and seller of technology.

You may not have been a number, number six, but these days you’re number 00000110 and that’s an end to it.



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