Good for you, really. Now sod off and stop moaning about the UK.

I’ve pondered expats before…

Look at the smug bastards.


And here they are to tell us how splendidly everything is going for them:


Hey – we have something in common then.

The grass really is greener for expats. Nine out of ten say their quality of life has improved – earning more and enjoying better conditions than they would have in Britain.

On average, pay for managers and professionals who choose to work abroad is up to £20,000 higher than they would get here.

The findings from a study by NatWest underline the reasons why emigration among Britons has reached record highs.

I’m only bitter really, I suppose. I’d love to leave for a better place. Sadly, USA is crazy, Canada is freezing, Australia is turning into a communist gulag, and that just leaves New Zealand. Which is Wales with less industry.

Anyway, it just boils my piss when these people bugger off to the promised land, then spend their time vituperating all over the bottom of the internet about how crap Britain has become.

We. Fucking. Know.




5 thoughts on “Good for you, really. Now sod off and stop moaning about the UK.

  1. That’s actually not true. I’m very homesick. I left on a mad whim after a nasty divorce but I’m not coming back to a “stasi” UK.

  2. That picture should have a health warning, the smug levels are off the scale. That said, they went to NZ for better weather. Snort giggle.

    All most of them ever talk about is going back to, or visiting, ‘home’.

  3. I’m going to be returning in the autumn. Reluctantly, I admit. Life is better across the channel. Unfortunately, finances has made the decision to return inevitable. Of course, if big companies paid their suppliers on time, cash flow wouldn’t be such an issue…

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