Girls just wanna have fun

.. by which I mean they wanna be violent slags, apparently.


Robberies committed by young girls increased by a quarter, public order offences were up a third and the numbers responsible for racially aggravated offences more than doubled, Ministry of Justice figures show.

Overall, almost 58,000 crimes were carried out by girls aged ten to 18 last year, up 22 per cent in five years and the equivalent of around 159 offences every day.

Against the backdrop of an educational system and approach that has increasingly favoured girls over the last 20 years, it doesn’t look terribly good, does it?

Perhaps better deterrents might wo.. oh… hang on.

A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said: "The Government recognises the importance of identifying the specific needs of women in the criminal justice system to better inform policy. Women and men experience the criminal justice system differently, whether they are victims, suspects, defendants or offenders.

"The Government is also committed to diverting vulnerable women, who are not serious or dangerous offenders, from custody.

"We will not successfully reduce women’s offending unless we address the particular factors which lead them to offend. To help support a more community-based response, we have established new initiatives to tackle women’s offending in the community. "




6 thoughts on “Girls just wanna have fun

  1. This is typical NEW LABIA FEMINAZISM. Women who commit crimes should receive exactly the same sentences as men. Why is the government only committed to divert women away from prison? That is sex discrimination surely!!!!!British men should avoid British Women like the plague!!!They are scum!!!!!

  2. “vulnerable women, who are not serious or dangerous offenders”

    So the “vulnerable women” here are the offenders?

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