Epic work

… from Anna Racoon, in showing what a bunch of unmitigated cunts the newspapers are, and why their attacks on blogging are merely the death throes of a redundant and rejected toxic organism.

Following on from my article on Friday regarding local newspaper coverage of candidates standing for election on May 6th, I have been continuing my trawl round the local papers.

Eventually I arrived at the Sutton and Cheam Guardian which is part of the South London Guardian and Surry Comet group.

They had a two page spread in their paper edition, containing 8 potted biographies with photographs of the likely local candidates in Paul Burstow’s constituency.

Next up was Martin Cullip, a candidate for the Libertarian Party.  As a fellow member of the Libertarian party I was interested to learn of his views.

Martin’s ‘biography’ was unusual to say the least. It gave no personal details nor quoted any political beliefs, in fact it appeared to be positively frivolous.

Martin Cullip, Libertarian

Plays with Surrey Darts team and helps maintain their Toe the Oche website.

The website cites his hobbies as The Cranberries, AFC Wimbledon and “running across all eight lanes of the M25 at junction eight dressed only in a basque and a pair of Pretty Polly 15 denier stockings”.

Martin was not hard to track down, he is a well known local business man, and was listed in the phone book.  It took me all of five minutes, from another country, and I’m a non-fact checking, non-professional  journalist. I called him.

Do read on, to find out how a respected family man was stitched up completely without scruples, by a fuckwit called Julia Kennard, the reporter who had contacted him. Ms Kennard is being fully backed by Chief Arrogant Tossbag, Mathew Knowles, Editor of the Surrey and Cheam Guardian.

Oh and Ms Kennard has been found supporting the local Jury Team candidate.



Nicked. Nice work, Anna!


H/T Obo.


3 thoughts on “Epic work

  1. The power of the Media is very scary, able to reduce a candidate that they don’t agree with to a pathetic wretch in the Public’s eye by a stroke of the editors pen.. thank the gods for the bloggers, who at least try to restore the balance…

  2. “This person has protected their tweets.

    [This user’s tweets are protected.]

    * Name Julia Kennard
    * Location Sutton
    * Bio Sutton Guardian journalist”

    Und Faecesbook;

    “The page you requested was not found”


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