Cautious approval

Mark Thomas invokes deeply mixed feelings for me, as you might imagine.

In this case, however, I have to hand him due credit and doff my cap.


A police officer recorded on an official form that Thomas may have been carrying weapons as he had an "over-confident attitude". Nothing was found.

The officer said his shoulder bag "may contain such items due to the over-confident attitude of Mr Thomas". He is also said to have told Thomas he "appeared to know what you were talking about" at the rally. The officer added: "If we only stopped and searched people who looked nervous and shifty and didn’t stop the ones who looked over-confident you would be able to get one past us," according to legal papers lodged by Thomas, which were not disputed by the police.


In a letter to Thomas, Detective Chief Inspector Adrian Baxter of the Met’s professional standards department said: "I would like to express my regret for the distress that you have suffered … and offer my unreserved apologies." The officer who carried out the search had received "formal words of advice".

Wait, roll that back a bit. ‘Regret for the distress that you have suffered’?

Distress, you weasel-worded bastard? Why not call it what it is? Humiliation, intimidation, bullying and oppression. Take your fucking pick.



2 thoughts on “Cautious approval

  1. Yes I’m pleased for Mark too but bad news is that any award is actually paid for by us working stiffs. It’s hould come from the pay of the officer concerned and his line superviser. IMO.

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