Please hold, caller

The evil workplace demands my attention once more.

Oh and I’m off to pick up a newly acquired car later. The price of petrol means it’s no longer viable to get by with just one car for all purposes. I need one that I can hammer all week long without it emptying my wallet like a socialist with a champagne habit, and I need one that’ll blast your peasant conveyances into the weeds at the weekend. Go libertarianism!

So read other stuff, or better still go outside and check out the big yellow wotsit in the sky. You know the one… Nick Clegg.


2 thoughts on “Please hold, caller

  1. Said it before and I’ll say it again…LPG.

    Run a larger engined car for peanuts. My wife’s 2.5 Auto X trail -gets the petrol equivalent of fifty to the gallon. Eat the peanuts out of that Brown!

    I’m having my 2010 Nissan Note converted this Thursday. The cost of conversion? Well I won it on an Ebay auction…£791.00 Full LPGA certification 2 yr guarantee.

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