Government bans Cake. Market in Gateaux flourishes. Go figure.

I never tried mephedrone, but I have no problem with anyone else taking it.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) recently lost 7 of it’s members, who resigned in protest at the government’s wilful and blatant policy-based evidence-making over the ban on mephedrone.

Meanwhile, the same chemical, made upside-down, works just as well and hasn’t been banned.


A synthetic chemical said to mimic the effects of cocaine is being marketed as the new legal party drug now that mephedrone has been outlawed.

Useless pricks.

Long live the free market.



One thought on “Government bans Cake. Market in Gateaux flourishes. Go figure.

  1. Whole issue is bizarre to me. If you snort bleach it may well get you off your face but it’s bad for you. So don’t do it. Whether it’s legal or not seems to me to be a moot point.

    If you still want to snort bleach and it kills you well TS. Darwin’s natural selection in action. Goodnight and goodbye. Defective genes out of the gene pool. Simples!

    On that basis make everything legal and if you survive well OK. If not … no great loss.

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