Criminal Wreckage Bureau

Don’t trust the state with your data. Wherever there is a database, there is erroneous data.


I could tell you a story about the holes in Capita’s CRB data security processes too. But I won’t.


5 thoughts on “Criminal Wreckage Bureau

  1. Like the Sun is never guilty of blunders when it comes to erroneously labelling people.. Paediatrician/ paedophile for example…. But these official errors are bad – what about those that have been Tagged as innocent and got through CRB checks when they have been fact convicted of crimes that would fail them these checks… that is more worrying.

  2. 15,000 reasons right there to avoid giving the state any more of your data than you can possibly help.
    Whenever I am asked for data by hospitals etc and it’s not a legal requirement then simply put. As far as I possibly can I simply lie my arse off. Good luck trying to get a ‘joined up’ national record for me!

    The more you can muddy the waters the better as far as I am concerned. I change dob, religion and middle names with remarkable regularity!

    Eat the peanuts out of that Gordon McRuin!

  3. @ JuliaM.

    The Sun has learned its lesson and is accepting that an accusation is not the same as a conviction. It early on made the mistake of thinking that the nursery workers Reed and Lillie must be wrong’uns because Newcastle city council – and Esther Rantzen – had said so.

    Reed and Lillie had their lives ruined when possies were raised against them – the Sun believed what the council told it – but in fact the nursery workers had been had been cleared in criminal court. It was pure hysteria, another in the vein of satanic panic.

    The pair had to go in to hiding while the Sun ran articles urging people to find the miscreants who had beaten the rap, but the ex-nursery workers subsequently went on to win a libel case against Newcastle City Council which just could not accept that it had been wrong, even though everything had been examined properly.

    Dawn Reed and Christopher Lillie won maximum damages for the council’s report which branded them regardless of their demonstrated innocence, not that it made up for the time they had been unable to work and the risk they had been put at. Mr Justice Eady said “The allegations are untrue….they are entitled to be vindicated and recognized as innocent”.

    The diagnosing doctor, Camille de san Lazaro, was disciplined by the GMC, but was reinstated in 2004. Over the last few years she has accepted that she got carried away by hysteria at the time and was so anxious to help ‘victims’ get compensation that she was inclined to diagnose abuse when none existed. She is still working as a paediatrician but is a good deal saner these days, having accepted that she got it wrong.

    Richard Webster wrote the best account of the “Shieldfield Affair” as it became known. This article gives a good summary

    Normally the Guardian would have been in full Bea Campbell mode, but this time it had a chance to knee News International in the groin, so it was happy to run Richard Websters summary of the investigation he did with Bob Woffinden.

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