Here’s why I don’t live near people

Via Ambush Predator:

A former Royal Navy seaman has been given an Asbo – to stop him swearing at politicians when they appear on his TV or on the radio.

They made this illegal? Yikes! Raedwald has a similar reaction.

But no, it seems this is more a ‘disturbing the peace’ sort of thing, but no-one in the CPS thought they’d win with that (who could argue that a man shouldn’t swear at politicians in his own home?) so they fell back on the ‘it’s not a crime, so we’ll make it a sort-of-crime’ of the ASBO and sent him to prison for two wee…
Wait! What?

I thought we had a shortage of spaces?

Martin Solomon, 64, has already spent the past two weeks in prison waiting to be sentenced after admitting he had breached a previous Asbo by shouting and swearing loudly in his home in Stroud, Gloucestershire, and disturbing his neighbours last month.

Oh, FFS!

Appearing at Gloucester Crown Court, Solomon said he was sorry for his outbursts, which he said were prompted by politicians speaking on TV programmes. He also promised to avoid General Election coverage.

Probably just as well.

Prison for shouting at the lying bastards when they come on the telly?

Fuck. Me.



One thought on “Here’s why I don’t live near people

  1. Half the country will be banged up if McMental goes on the box much more. I know I will.

    Perhaps thats the plan.
    Phase 1 let all the criminals out.
    Phase 2 make everything a criminal offense.
    Phase 3 lock up the non criminals with phoney baloney trivial crap.
    Phase 4 UK becomes an open prison with the villains outside.

    Phase 1 – complete, phase 2 seems to be underway…..

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