Labour All Over



Labour has sent out 250,000 “cancer” postcards, each addressed to an individual, asking: “Are the Tories a change you can afford?”

Many of those receiving the cards have undergone cancer scans or treatment within the past five years.

The cancer cards are part of a wider postal campaign targeting various groups. Others are aimed at parents whose children attend Sure Start centres, pensioners and the owners of small businesses.

The implications are fucking sickening. Constantly Furious gives it the necessary treatment, so I don’t have to.


UPDATE: Counting Cats brings his customary aplomb to the chorus.


9 thoughts on “Labour All Over

  1. So far I’ve seen a lot of outrage from the right wing about how despicable the leaflet is, but no-one I’ve seen claimed that it’s not true. The Conservatives have promised to remove the 2-week target. Even Constantly Furious says that it’s “possibly true”, why don’t him or you actually find out.

    Tomorrow the Tory manifesto comes out, I’ll be able to pick out the page and paragraph where that policy exists.

      • And there it is, sidled away on page 46, second column, first paragraph. Of course if you still don’t believe me we can put some money on what the Tories actually do.

        • and as I said before it is UTTERLY UNIMPORTANT about this phoney baloney target rubbish. They are indeed utter bollox anyway. Try reading what cancer specialists have said.

          TRY to understand. Just try.

          It is the blatent misuse of confidential patient data that is the issue. NOTHING ELSE. Now whats Liebours position on harrassing the sick and blackmailing Doctors via confidential NHS internal email?

          Don’t we have a Data protection act for this? I want prosecutions. Geddit now?

          How low will these scumbags sink?

          • I’m not sure why you don’t understand, is it possible to distribute leaflets to the demographic most likely to suffer from cancer without sending it to someone who’s had cancer? As there’s absolutely no reason to believe that the Data Protection Act has been breached, why on earth do you want people jailed for distributing a leaflet that tells the truth about the Tories.

    • Whether it’s factual (which I find rather dubious that a Cons policy is trialled by leaking it to Labour). It’s the blatent mis use of confidential patient data thats such an issue here.
      Would you want the Lib Dems knowing about your farmer giles and targetting their leaflets accordingly? How about the BNP’s position on Syphillis being expressly personally delivered to you? Geddit?

      I’m bloody furious about this and want someone’s gonads in a jar over this.

      • It’s not been trailed to Labour, Andrew Lansley’s been telling anyone who will listen that he’s going to “cut red tape” by removing “all NHS targets” for example in his speech to the NHS Confederation last year.

        As for confidential data – that’s rather conspiracy theory of you, the leaflet got sent to 250,000 middle aged women. It would be unlikely in the extreme to have no cancer survivors in that number. Some think it’s in bad taste, I would rather be offended then dead due to the Tory policies on the NHS.

        • Now it’s confidential Doctors Internal NHS Email addresses. Or maybe they had an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of PC’s…….or maybe Labour are lowlife shit sucking scumbags who are abusing their position.

          Occam’s razor says it’s the latter.

          So do tell …the Green parties position on anal fistulae? Nope still want that jar of new liebour gonads!

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