Cuntus ex Machina

Prompted by this:


The records of 800,000 people were affected by an error that meant their wishes about the use of their organs after death were wrongly recorded.

An investigation has found that 45 of those for whom wrong records were stored have since died – and in approximately 20 cases organs were taken where consent had not been given.

… it’s worth briefly dwelling on the NHS fuck-ups that have been attribute to computer error.


That’s bad, but this is worse:


And more generally:


Oh and IT operations FAILs too.


So much so that this is now a necessity rather than an eccentricity:


Patients with complex conditions are now able to carry full details of their medical histories, including information that could their save lives, on a credit-card-sized smart card.

Doctors say that people who are worried about the security of their medical records are choosing to carry sensitive details of medication, allergies and previous illness in their wallet rather than let the Government put them on the web.

If you haven’t yet opted out of the National NHS database. See here and do it now!



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