Tories jump on the offence-seekers bandwagon

Via Paul Waugh.


Oh good – what’s the cretinous lefty twerp done?

Labour PPC Stuart MacLennan – who is followed by Downing St, Sarah Brown, Ed Balls, John Prescott, Ben Bradshaw – has posted string of foul-mouthed Tweets online.

Orly? That’s just terrible! Ahem. Let’s have a look.


LOL! Actually that’s not bad!

What else?


Hey – we’ve all been there. Haven’t we?


Fair enough.


Surely the only thing wrong here, is that they are ‘neds’, not ‘chavs’?

Those of us who live and work in the real world are hardly likely to be shocked or even surprised by any of the above comments.

Meanwhile in politics, when any figure connected with the Tories pipes up with any slightly unsavoury comments, the Labour cronies do indeed scream for blood, on the basis of confected outrage.

So the quid pro quo kneejerkitude from the right this morning is not entirely surprising.







But I would say this to them: When the left do this sort of thing, I find it repulsive, lily livered, spineless exercise in distracting from the real issues.

Do you think I take a different view when the right engage in this pussy-whipped mewling?

And what about floating voters?

Do you really want to promote the impression that right and left are all as bad as each other?

So grow up, get a spine and give it a fucking rest, yeah?


UPDATE: The offence seekers win again. Toby Young comments.

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