Maybe I was a bit harsh on the NHS

Reading this:


It occurs that maybe napalming the whole thing isn’t necessary.

Perhaps, and I have sod all experience of the NHS that predates New Labour with which to make a comparison, it’s what Labour’s obsession with the cult of managerialism, and centrally mandated targets, has done to the NHS that’s really the core problem. A culture which leads to the sort of bizarre and frankly shameful episodes that have happened in the NHS over recent years.

The argument, then, boils down to the right mix of managerial and clinical resources, and the appropriate decision-making approach.

The danger I detect is the doctors.

They’ve been bribed into collaborating with Labour on all manner of nanny-state interference and the more puritanical members of the medical establishment have been emboldened and enabled to inflict their moral crusades on us, in respect of what we eat, how we exercise and how much we drink, smoke, fuck and sleep.

A visit to the GP these days is 2 minutes about the actual problem you came along with, and 8 minutes of how much you drink and how much fruit and veg you eat. Oh and have you thought about giving up smoking? You really should.

Aye right – fuck off – I’ll talk to the pharmacist and self-medicate until something falls off.



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