Conversations with a lefty

















This is why it is futile arguing with lefties. Still, this one appears young.

If he’s not cured by the time he’s 30, me may wish hell upon him.

In the meantime, just point and laugh.



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13 Responses to Conversations with a lefty

  1. LOL

    Who the FUCK would seriously go out of their way to defend increases in N.I.?
    Besides students and people who don’t work or live in the real world.

    Fuck sake. This is why I pick fights with fellow rightists, because dealing with lefties would make me want to punch something.

  2. RantinRab says:

    He’s disappeared. Twitter account not valid.

  3. Really??? he added me as a follower or whatever it is 5 minutes ago! HAHA! Oh well!

  4. RantinRab says:

    I’m talking shit. Twitter being a twat again.

  5. Al Jahom says:

    He’s still visible….?

  6. Yeah, he’s visible, but his avatar has the Labour Party logo on it! If you look closely. Bottom right corner.

  7. cornyborny says:

    There’s lots of fuckers out there just like this guy. Early twenties, reasonably fresh from uni, read the Graun exclusively (because they got into the habit at uni because it’s cheap on campus), Useful Idiots all.

    I recently spent a week working with a guy who, while personable enough, had the most repugnant political ‘views’ (scare quotes to allow for the fact that anything he came out with was clearly a semi-grasped regurgitation of a liberal talking point). Tax the parents of fat kids more; the NHS is a wonderful institution; Israel is a terrorist state… bleh.

    One thing he told me, however, raised the wrong-headedness stakes to fuck. Remember the Manchester congestion charge referendum? The one where the voters (for once) gave a resounding “fuck right off”? My lefty chum was a vote-counter. He decided that the people voting No were too stupid to realise what was at stake (“Climate change! Oh noes!”) so spent all day counting No votes as Yes votes. And he apparently wasn’t alone.

    Sorry, but WHAT THE FUCK? What can you do in the face of such empty-headed zealotry?

    • Al Jahom says:

      Fresh from Uni?

      Thank fuck I didn’t stick it out.

      Can has critical thinking skills?

      Oh and if you’d email me that chap’s name, I’d be only too pleased to report him to the police.

  8. cornyborny says:

    Already done so, but thanks for the offer.

    I hope the counting in the GE is less open to abuse. Some people just don’t get the concept of fairness, huh.

  9. This is amazing. You have to chase that up, because it’s spectacularly dodgy.

    Jesus Christ, what is this country coming to.

  10. Uncle Marvo says:

    N.I. is means tested?

    How catastrophically wrong is that?

    Fuck me, next time I see my mate from Belfast, I’m going to ask him.

  11. The man with many chins says:

    Maybe his stupid fucking gimp hairstyle has affected his brain. Cunt

    A prime example of the sea of stupidity we swim around in IMO

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