Breath-taking nonsense goes to the next level

I’ve been following the election for about a day now.

I can’t take any more of it.

I’ve grown used to the fact that every time a politician opens his mouth, a turd falls in my drink.

Now, though, it’s all tangibly worse than it was even this time last week.

The final straw, in case you were wondering, was David Miliband on WATO squealing that failing to raise NI rates next year would take vital money out of the economy. Even after he’d been told by an economist and leading businessman that this view is economically illiterate. Which of course it is.

The problem is that most of the population are also economically illiterate.

No number of graphs, historic or otherwise, will correct this.

So, it’s just possible that Milipede, Brown, Balls, Darling et al will get away with their blatant repetitive shite.

And I can’t bear to watch it happen.


4 thoughts on “Breath-taking nonsense goes to the next level

  1. Mark Wadsworth put it best, IMO. “this would increase the marginal overall rate of tax for a basic rate taxpayer/employee from 38.8% to 40.2% (non-VAT-able business) or from 47.9% to 49.1% (VAT-able business)”

    If that’s not a tax on jobs, I don’t know what else could be.

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