What do I get?

Come on, Dave, you shiny faced cunt, what’s in it for me?

First he punitively taxes me and my job.

Now this:


How about a fucking tax break for me then, Cameron?

You know, the one who has private pension, healthcare and income protection? The one who doesn’t have brats at school, who doesn’t want a goddamn fucking thing from the wretched government?

I’ve just looked at how much tax and NI I paid in FY09.

Fuck Pay As You Earn. Time for Pay As You Use.

Communist shithole.



3 thoughts on “What do I get?

  1. I think it’s great that he’s letting out more policies.

    I started thinking I’d vote for him (some years ago)

    Then I realised that I had no fucking clue what he ‘stood’ for.

    Then I decided I wouldn’t vote for someone who wouldn’t tell me his policies.

    Then his cast iron lies proved to me that I was right, but it was hard to explain to people that europe was THE issue we had to address.

    Now, I’ve got solid reasons not to vote for the cunt. Not so much this, but the ‘big society’ BOLLOCKS.

    Now I can clearly state why I will never vote for the shining forehead of doom – thanks DAVE you cunt. You finally gave me an easy to explain why I cannot hold my nose and vote tory lest gorgy gets back – you could not help but be less incompetent than him, and intend to implement the same, or worse shite ideas.

    DAVE you are a fucking moron, hand over to someone (anyone) with a clue

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