A new venture

I’ve had enough of Powerpoint and Visio, Crackberries and laptops, motorways and aeroplanes.

I’m starting afresh with my new venture.

The Jardin du Jahom Bed & Breakfast.


Breakfast served between 11am and 3pm. Smoking rooms only.

For bookings email iain.dale@cuntrycottagers.co.uk



About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

11 Responses to A new venture

  1. Ronniesoak says:

    Oh dear, I fall into 5 of those categories, guess I won’t be welcome… ho hum.

  2. microdave says:

    Sorely tempted to send an email, just to see where it really goes….

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  4. Gendeau says:

    I booked a B&B over the net, turned up to a rainbow covered signpost (knew what it meant, I’m hetero) went in and stayed 4 months in the end. Couple of friendly guys ran it that I would have had disinterested ‘suspicions’ of without the sign (i.e. it would have occurred to me to wonder, but not to care).

    What’s the fuss?

    I’d prefer to leave it to the owners and prospective clients to sort out. As our glorious fucking leaders can’t keep their noses out, they could at least make one law for all. Not just one for christian bigots but muslim bigots, nazis, jews and cat supremacists too.

    Are dogs allowed at J du J?

  5. Chuckles says:

    Dogs no, foxes yes?

  6. The man with many chins says:

    Surely if it’s no cunts allowed, you would be excluding yourself as well Mr Jahom? :-)
    Oh and you owe me a coffee, cos I spat this one out laughing when I opened this post.
    Sincerely, the cunt with many folds.

  7. Great post, v good.

    If that were Iain Dale’s B&B, he’d have a sign in the lobby asking all guests to hang up their principles by the door.

  8. Ashtrayhead says:

    Fucking excellent! I read the list down the side first then saw the ‘No Cunts’ sign!
    Best laugh I’ve had in ages!

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