… if you’re a politics geek that is. Sky news coverage of the day Major called an election in 1997.

Favourite quote is at 2:50 from John Major, just after Adam Boulton had said to camera that Labour were 24pts ahead in the polls:

“I believe this election is winnable. Not only do I think it’s winnable, I think I’m going to win this election and so are the Conservative party.”



H/T Tory Bear


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2 Responses to Entertaining

  1. hesspartacus says:

    Ah, the month before Year Zero.

    Happy days.

  2. The Redeeming Defect says:

    I liked that: Major chose a date that was significant and meant something. Brown still hasn’t set a final and and is choosing a date that will extend his premiership for as long as possible. The arse.

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