Tory Red Meat

The mask slips, and the cunt-tree side alliance will like what they see.


I’ve never been hunting, nor have I ever wanted to, but I don’t want to stop anyone else just because it’s not my bag.

In a frank interview the Conservative leader talked freely of his love of the countryside and said he was taught to shoot rabbits by his father.

Confirming that he would allow Tory MPs a free vote on decriminalising hunting with dogs if he were to become prime minister, Mr Cameron said: ” I always thought that the ban was a mistake because I think it is very difficult to enforce.

Gawd bless his diffidence and pragmatism. How about the ban on possession of cannabis, Dave? Enforceable? In the public interest?

I think the hunting ban is appalling because it is laden with blatant class warfare and leftist bile-spitting, regarding matters about which they are determined to remain wilfully ignorant.

I think the ban on possession and consumption of cannabis is appalling because it is a self-defeating prohibition of a herb that has, at worst, a zero-sum outcome and at best displaces alcohol as drug of choice and reduces injuries, deaths, crime and public disorder. But I’m happy for Dave to ditch it on grounds of pragmatism and political expedience. As if.

So I come back to my starting point: Dave is a statist Blue Labour twat.



About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

3 Responses to Tory Red Meat

  1. The man with many chins says:

    Got to disagree with you there. I happen to think dave is a fucking cunt:-)

  2. Ethan says:

    Gorgon McRuin says sod the deficit and the government of utter colin hunts. Lets all talk about fluffy bunnies eh?

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