Motorists shafted again again

Several things happened today. The first is a penny extra tax on a litre of fuel. The second is VAT on that extra penny. The third is the withdrawal of a subsidy on biodiesel, adding a penny to diesel prices.

In addition, new car tax (Road Fund License) costs.

Last month I paid £215 for 12 months road tax.

From today I’d pay £235. But that’s only because my car is pre-2006. Otherwise it’d be £425. If my car was brand new today, the road tax would be £950 a year.

£950. A year. I don’t fucking pay that much for my insurance on a group 20 car!

Do you government thieves GET that I already spend a fortune on petrol (now ~30p a mile, 24,000miles a year), about 80% of which is tax? And you want to tax me again?

Just fuck off.

Over at the Torygiraffe, there seems to be a sense of acceptance that the public view will be, “well these cunts with flash cars can afford it, so who cares?”

“Okay, those paying £950 a year are going to be driving a pretty special breed of car.”

Special, huh?

Vauxhall Insignia 2.8.

Uh huh. Actually, they don’t mention that it’s a 256bhp turbo charged V6, but it’s still a Vauxhall.

I’ll stick with my pre-2006 354BHP and you people with teeny-weeny piece-of-shit foodmixer-engined cars can go fuck yourselves.


8 thoughts on “Motorists shafted again again

  1. It’s ok. I have all the cars I want, including two pre-2006 guzzlers and a sensible (ish) 2007 daily driver. I just won’t buy any more cars. Not that I can afford to, anyway.

    By the time any of my three need replacing, the motor industry should have screamed loudly enough to have changed this.

  2. I received an email from someone suggesting that I, and everyone else, should PERMANENTLY stop buying fuel or anything else from BP and Shell stations until the industry cut their margins drastically.

    It would probably work.

    Sadly, all the other garages would run out of fuel, and then buy theirs from Shell or BP at whatever price they wanted to sell it.

    So forget it.

    I get 50+ mpg out of mine, OR 0-60 in 10 seconds. Not both, sadly, but I don’t care.

    I don’t mind paying £500 road fund either. Or income tax. Not both, compounded, though.

    • A boycott of any fuel retailer is futile – all the retailers get their fuel from the same selection of wholesale sources, and each then adds their own additives package to the fuels.

      Besides, this is a matter of taxation, so what’s the sense of singling out Esso or Shell???

  3. “From today I’d pay £235. But that’s only because my car is pre-2006. Otherwise it’d be £425.”

    My business has this problem 55-fold, as I touched upon here.

    It’s another Labour balls-up. They proposed whacking up the road tax, but didn’t factor in that the tax was unfair as it punished people for choices they made in the past. So they exempt older cars, which just punishes those who buy newer, cleaner, vehicles.

    Way to implement an environmental tax, Gordon.

    What a bunch of fucktards.

  4. Don’t even get me started. Cunts. Did I say Cunts? I actually meant rinsing thieving bastard monging big state money wasting lying deceitful sandal wearing wierd beard muesli eating lentil munching tree hugging FUCKING CUNTS. Who also do not spend any of the money they ass rape from the motorist on the bastard third world cart tracks they whimsically call roads.
    Ahh nothing like a good sweaty rant!

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