Can’t be arsed today

So here’s some shit other mongs have been spouting.

Salted Slug:

Having spent of yesterday wondering what to blog about and getting nowhere, the deadly blogging apathy was creeping back in -alongside the clinging existential dread which is the constant companion of any keen observer of modern British politics, that is.  Luckily enough iDave delivers for me once again…

Leg-iron also comments on the same malevolent controlling Davitude.

Moving on, to paraphrase Obo:

Change your passwords. Use long passwords with n0n-4lpHanum3r!c# characters included.

On that front I recommend Password Commander which can generate, manage and backup all your complex passwords protected by one master string. Like a pikey, I’m still using a version of this that I got free on a magazine cover a few years back.

John Demetriou:

According to William Hill online here, the bookmaker is offering 12-1 that turnout is below 55%. They are also offering 7/2 that the turnout is between 55 and 59.99%.

Both of these bets are seriously worth taking.

As it goes, I got 14/1 on sub-55% back in January – still good value now, though. Dick Puddlecote, in the comments of the above post also gives us a link to a Dutching calculator that works out how to spread your stake across multiple mutually exclusive options for the optimal aggregate return.

Oh except that since JD’s tip, sub-55% has dropped to 9/1 at Ladbrokes!

Dick Puddlecote makes sure we don’t miss any of the propaganda our cash is being spent on.

The Telegraph yesterday revisited the topic of government advertising.

The Government has become the biggest spender on advertising in the country for the first time, new figures have disclosed.

As regular visitors to this brazenly hedonistic corner of the blogosphere will remember, Labour’s dirty tryst with the advertising industry is monitored regularly here.

Has G.O.T. been outed, and if so, what are the ramifications for pseudonymous bloggists like us?

Will Ben Elton, Marcus Brigstocke and Jeremey Hardy leave the cuntry if the Tories win? We can only hope and dream.

Amongst other things, Big Brother Watch notes that:

Personal details of 9,000 school pupils has been stolen from the home of a Barnet Council worker, it has been revealed.

Twenty unauthorised and unencrypted CDs and memory sticks with details including names, date of birth, addresses, phone numbers and school attainment were taken from the house a fortnight ago.

Mr Eugenides reveals several attempts to bury bad news under April Fools Day.

That’ll do for now.



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