Tory Teddybear

I quite like to keep an eye on Tory Bear’s emissions, if only so I know where I can find Sara Scarlett.

I think, though, that our Bear should take a step back, and a deep breath, and ask himself if this really is “a glimpse into the most unpleasant sections of the Labour movement.”


A crappy, misspelt mong poster, of such quality as betrays the Labour movement not as evil, but merely imbecilic.

And if that’s the worst they can do, that fuckwit Cameron and his spastic hoards may still pull off the coup of a lifetime and get their opportunity to finish what Blair started.




One thought on “Tory Teddybear

  1. It’s a crossword clue. The ‘smash up’ is the hint that the answer is an anagram of ‘hopsitals.’

    So it’s not very demanding, but what do you expect? It’s aimed at potential Labour voters.

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