Old Holborn to be outlawed in Belgium

Most people will characterise this as banning the burka.

Brussels – Belgium on Wednesday moved a step closer to becoming the first European Union country to criminalize Muslim women who hide their faces in public, as the interior affairs committee of its parliament passed a resolution against burqas and hiqabs.

As you would, if you’d only read the first paragraph. But if you read on:

According to the draft law approved by the committee, anyone caught "in public places with their face completely or partly covered or masked, so that they are no longer identifiable," should be punished with a 15 to 25 euros fine (20 to 34 dollars) and/or serve from one to seven days in prison.



Well, except those who get permission first.

Exceptions are to be made for policemen, firemen and motorcyclists wearing helmets, as well as for people taking part in public events authorized by the police.

And if they do it in Belgium, the EU as a whole will doubtless take a shine to the idea.

Belgian twats. Why can’t they be content with lace, chocolate and paedophiles?


HT @IanPJ on Twatter who was suckered by the burka aspect.


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10 Responses to Old Holborn to be outlawed in Belgium

  1. Why is this a bad thing? Why should Western nations bend over backwards for the wants of civilizations who seem to believe women should wear burkha and be refused schooling. Sure, I know it’s not at that level now, but it is the intent of some to make Sharia law acceptable in Western society. I do not find it acceptable. I also know that many Muslims say that the face covering is not a strict law of Islam–so what is the big deal?

    If you wish for these things, they are available in places like Saudi Arabia. Certainly if one has immigrated to a Western nation, they are perfectly in their right to return to a harsh Islamic one. Why expect Western Society to accept such throwback beliefs?

  2. themadjewess says:

    Good 4 Belgium, you sweet Moslems FORGET that those nations are CHRISTIAN nations and overstep your boundries

  3. Al Jahom says:

    Dammit people – this is NOT about Muslims.

    As much as they may want to, they can’t make a law specific to Muslims.

    So they have to use a blunt instrument that applies to everyone. It applies to us all, with any kind of face mask.

    Much of the perfectly legal and peaceful mischief undertaken by Old Holborn and accolytes would be criminalised by this law.

    That is not a price worth paying. Do you get that?

  4. A perfect illustration of divide and conquer above.

    Easy to bring in illiberal legislation if one points at a generally perceived bad guy (in this case, Muslims).

    Authoritarianism isn’t shy about going against its own principles if it gets the job done.

    Firemen requiring permission to wear BA? WTF?

  5. themadjewess says:

    Come on. “Its not about Moslems”
    Moslems that are Jihadists are tearing EU apart. There ARE nations that ARE Islamic, just like the Jews, if they want to be commies- GET OUT OF USA.

  6. RantinRab says:

    So, Halloween parties will soon be illegal.

  7. JuliaM says:

    “That is not a price worth paying. Do you get that?”

    Let’s take a look: themadjewess (catchy handle!) – “…if they want to be commies- GET OUT OF USA.”

    Ummm. Err…

    Looks like the answer is ‘No’. :(

  8. themadjewess says:

    Looks like the answer is ‘No’.

    So are you admitting that you are a COMMUNIST?

  9. Winston Smith says:

    New laws are enacted in each EU satellite which can be subsequently rolled out across the entire EU.

    In Greece it will be illegal to trade in cash for values above 1,500 euro from 2011, ostensibly to increase tax revenues. Doubtless limit that will come down. This is the blue print for the whole EU. Phase out cash, you phase out anonymity: welcome to ‘Nineteen Eighty Four ‘ 36 years on – the really scary version, because it isn’t a novel but real life and you are in it.

    Solicitors in this country refuse to accept cash payments above a certain value per month. Your friendly accountant is also a police spy. Your friendly bank clerk is required by law to report any ‘suspicious’ transactions on your account, and all transactions over 15,000 euro (EU anti-money laundering directif). Almost all professions are being suborned into the new Stasi – doctors, estate agents, employment agents, letting agents, retailers of high value items & mobile phones. And of course the government knows exactly what you buy from Waitrose. Websites? Emails? Phone calls?

    Other Euro laugh at our ID card proposals; theirs are so much friendlier. What is being trialled here is the future standard for the EU.

    Face coverings banned in Belgium today – a week next Tuesday all Euro will be banned from covering their faces.

    Nothing to hide?

    Everything to fear.

    What is legal today will be illegal tomorrow and they will have already marked you down as a target.


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