#BT: Single pint of failure

So BT lose 1 exchange, in west London, and 437 exchanges lose phone, broadband or both. Our BT conference bridge is fucked as well.

Have some fehlings solution.


Useless useless mongs.




UPDATE 2: Normal service unlikely to return until Tuesday after Easter! WTF?? Second source.

***Update 20:25***

We have had an update from BT. They are saying that it may take up to 4 days to resolve the fault. They will be able to give a more definite time frame to fix once they are allowed inside the site by the fire department.

UPDATE 3: Or maybe Sunday 4th.


UPDATE 4: As of 11:10, my broadband is back, so only a 25 hour outage!

UPDATE 5: Four king hell!!! Flood water:


That via @btcare on Twatter.


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4 Responses to #BT: Single pint of failure

  1. DerekP says:

    Thank god for tweets!

    Quick! I’m colour-blind BT engineer, which one’s the live wire again?

  2. Joe says:


    Just for the record BT are starting to power up parts of the exchange it’s just taking time and I don’t work for BT but i’ve been fielding these calls all day :D

    • Al Jahom says:

      Well, respect to you – well done and I’m sure you’re customers are grateful for your help, even if you aren’t feeling it right now ;o

  3. Joe says:

    Lol yep, tbh, been feeling pretty much like a fart in a thunderstorm. :D
    Just as a side note, a knock on effect of this outage is that calls that usually go through the Paddington Exchange are been routed round it, causing a mass snarl-up nation wide, meaning that some people when they call out is that they just end up getting an engaged tone. Did hear just before I left that parts of the exchange were being brough back up as well

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