The backlash is finally on its way

After MPs expenses, the recession, attacks on freedom, attacks on pubs and smokers, corruption, pension raids and rocketing taxing, borrowing and spending, a House of Lords committee think’s it has identified the straw that will break the camel’s back.


Oh noes! What could it be?

The existing analogue radio signal – principally FM, through which many people listen to stations such as Radio 4 and Classic FM – is scheduled to be switched off completely just five years from now. Yet last year, it still accounted for two-thirds of all radio listening in the UK.

Aha. Yes! That’ll be it. It won’t be that the lights are going out in 2015. Nor will it be the crippling consequences of UK sovereign debt being down-graded, as mortgage rates hit 15%.

None of that will matter until people can’t listen to Chris Moyles on their way to work.

No matter though – it’s nothing they can’t hose down with a few million gallons of our money:

The committee recommended urgent action from the government. “If we are to go ahead, certain requirements must be met,” it said. These include a detailed plan for how universal digital radio coverage is to be funded, and a “help scheme” for elderly and disabled people. The committee said that the help scheme should be financed by general taxation rather than the BBC licence fee.

I. Fucking. Despair.




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Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

4 Responses to The backlash is finally on its way

  1. Actually, the loss of Moyles, Deadenders and Jonathan Toss would probably be enough to wake people up.

  2. JuliaM says:

    There’s a pretty sad reflection on our society, no?

  3. Ethan says:

    Tried DAB. It’s sheeite. FM sound quality is still much better. I also have WiFI radio and thats fantastic. Therefore I have no need for DAB. UK DAB is an obsolete standard anyway. Germany has just dropped it. They use DAB+ on the continent and I’m led to believe it’s incompatible with the pos that the dumbass polticians are forcing on us.
    As deep throat said. Follow the money. Mandy is hoping for a huge payoff when the FM bandwidth is sold to commercial interests. Corrupt barstewards.

  4. Ethan says:

    Course Al Jahom is spot on. It’s all ‘Bread and Circuses’ anyway.

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