Have the Conservatives just tacitly levied a punitive tax on me and my job?

I do believe they have. Yours too, in all likelyhood. But not on those massed ranks of unionised public sector monkeys.

Mr Osborne said the Tories would halt the national insurance increase for anyone earning under £35,000.

I’m gonna have to turn this coffin over – there’s no room for any more nails in this side.




2 thoughts on “Have the Conservatives just tacitly levied a punitive tax on me and my job?

  1. I look at it like this.

    Known Factors – Labour are lying devious money grabbing thieving barstards of the highest order and thoroughly deserve to lose…and big!

    Unknown factors – Conservatives may be almost as bad but they’d have to go some to reach the sheer levels of fuckery that Liebour have plumbed.

    Libdums can offer the moon on a stick because they know they will NEVER EVER be in power or anything like it unless they cosy up to the Liebour fuckwads. So in my opinion they are simply tainted by that association. Plus they screwed the UK over by walking out of the Lisbon referendum vote. In short in my opinion all three love the EU more than they love the UK and thats just wrong.

    That said I’m in a uber safe tory seat so I have the luxury of voting with my conscience. Which is why UKIP will be getting mine. I’ve ALWAYS voted Conservative since the first time I have voted. This time I feel that I haven’t left the party. The party of my youth has left me. It’s now called UKIP.

    Sadly 99.9999% of voters think it’s a two or maybe three horse race and vote like the sheeple they are.

    The mischevious git in me would like to see maybe 20 to 25 BNP MP’s just for the sheer entertainment value alone. The main stream media would be beside themselves. Gosh I wish that would happen so much! What a hoot that would be.

    Politics – showbiz for ugly people -isn’t it?

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