Word of the day: Ochlocracy


Ochlocracy (Greek: οχλοκρατία or okhlokratía; Latin: ochlocratia) is government by mob or a mass of people, or the intimidation of constitutional authorities. In English, the word mobocracy is sometimes used as a synonym. As a pejorative for majoritarianism, it is akin to the Latin phrase mobile vulgus meaning "the fickle crowd", from which the term "mob" originally derives.[1]



Populist pre-election shite and nothing less.



About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

One Response to Word of the day: Ochlocracy

  1. My local town (Biddulph) has recently been “ravaged” by Border Control (bear with me this is relevant”ish”) and various local takeaway establishments have had staff “removed” who were illegal immigrants. I know the proprietor of one of these establishments and as he employing one illegal immigrant he has been fined £10000. Another establishment was employing two and were fined £20000, there are others in the area as well “Stoke On Trent etc).

    Well Baroness whatsherface was employing one illegal immigrant and IIRC was fined only £5000 so let’s start with her, INCREASE YOUR OWN SENTENCE. She can afford it far more than my local Chinese takeaway proprietor can.

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