Could it be true?

You bet it’s true.


In a strong attack on Labour’s reform of the school curriculum, Simon Lebus, the head of Cambridge University’s international exams group, has condemned the teaching in England’s schools of "a shifting menu of flavour-of-the-month social concerns".

In science, lessons about photosynthesis and the conservation of mass have been replaced with content to promote healthy eating and regular exercise, he said.

He also pointed out that lessons in gender equality and preventing violence in relationships will be compulsory from 2011.

Meanwhile, inspectorate OffMong are stitching up private schools that are ignoring communist bullshit tractor stats demands.


The number of independent schools judged to have breeched minimum standards set by the Government has trebled, new figures have revealed.

A total of 74 schools were issued last year with notices by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, requiring them to make urgent changes. This compares to just 23 in 2007 and 34 in 2008.

Among the schools are well-respected institutions which have been running for centuries, including Shrewsbury School, one of England’s leading boys school, Christ’s Hospital School, in West Sussex, founded in the sixteenth century by Edward VI, and King’s College choir school, in Cambridge, established in 1453.

Many of the schools have fallen foul of new rules covering child safety and welfare. Others have failed to comply with the Government’s new "nappy curriculum" for very young children.

Headmasters criticised the "hugely burdensome" nature of some of the requirements that the sector was now facing.

The Independent Schools Council condemned the "thicket of regulation" as over-complex and sometimes contradictory.

A snap inspection was carried out in September at the £27,000-a- year Shrewsbury School, whose famous old boys include Charles Darwin and which was judged in a 2007 inspection to have "outstanding" features and results.

Inspectors looked in detail at policy documents. They found the school did not comply in four administrative areas and issued the school with a notice.

I’m not well up on the Tories’ edumacation policy, but one would, at least, hope they’ll put a stop to this bullshit.



One thought on “Could it be true?

  1. “I’m not well up on the Tories’ edumacation policy, but one would, at least, hope they’ll put a stop to this bullshit.”

    Don’t hold your breath AJ. You can’t get a ciggie paper between these two fuck awful parties.

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