Better late than never

India Knight, a writer I have a lot of time for, finally gets the message – this is an example other Catholics should be eager to follow. Anyone left’s a child molester.


My daughter was baptised into the Roman Catholic faith when she was two months old. She is now six, and should really be gearing up for her first communion. The fact that she isn’t is down to one factor: the parish priest at the local church was suspended, pending investigations into allegations of child abuse.

He was eventually cleared of all charges, which was nice for him but didn’t really work for me because I don’t want any of my children left alone with adult men in any context where the words “child abuse” are hovering in the air. In recent years that context has, sadly, broadened to include the entire church.

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One Response to Better late than never

  1. Pam Nash says:

    I read her piece earlier; it staggers me that folk are still going, blindly, to Mass – and also, one assumes, to confession. Sort of Catholic lemmings.

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