Joined-up government is joined up

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:




H/T Obo


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3 Responses to Joined-up government is joined up

  1. Mrs Rigby says:

    As you say, “joined-up government”, don’t you love it!

  2. Sherlock says:

    Read the small print in the Ministry of Justice news release notes to editors.
    “4.In line with the European Convention on Human Rights, the offence contains exceptions for labour that may be necessary to ensure public safety and the rights of others. Those exceptions are: work done in the course of lawful detention; military service; emergencies or life threatening situations; and work or service which forms part of normal civic obligations.

    Normal civic obligations = Government forced volunteer work?

  3. Biffo says:

    Isn’t this the same wildly delusional Jimmy McSnot who wants to force everybody (young, old & inbetween) into carrying out voluntary work? Obviously he misunderstands the meaning of the word ‘voluntary’. I currently do volunteer work in a number of areas. The day McSnot makes it compulsory is the day I down tools & refuse to volunteer another minute of my time.

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