Government policy on track

Keeping women out of prison, that is. Whatever they seem to have done.


Yeah – after all, that’s much worse than the indignity of being dead because some stupid bint has mown you down.

Judge Bright said: ‘You are expecting a baby in a few weeks. If I send you to prison there is every chance you would give birth in the mother and baby unit at Holloway Prison.

‘To inflict that indignity on an innocent baby is not in the public interest, though you richly deserve to go to prison.’

At St Albans Crown Court today Judge Andrew Bright QC suspended Mrs Kelly’s 24-week jail term.

What difference would it have made to the baby, for fuck’s sake? 24 wks – 50% remission – early release scheme = in and out in circa 9 weeks.

Besides, probably a much better midwife to patient ratio, and lower chance of hospital acquired infection inside than in some crappy NHS dive.

Oh well. Perhaps she got the worse sentence after all. Ooops.



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One Response to Government policy on track

  1. JuliaM says:


    And this rang alarm bells:

    “Other drivers rushed to assist Mr Lush, who died instantly. One man, Martin Gallagher, went over to Mrs Kelly who he saw taking her handbag from the car.

    He asked if she was the driver, she did not reply and walked off. She was seen getting into a white van which left the scene. The van driver could not be traced.”

    Someone she knew well enough to get a lift from just happened to be at the scene..? That stinks.

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