Yeah – good luck with that

Actually, I am in two minds.


Because there is some real shite on TimesOnline.

But on the other hand, if I’m unfortunate enough to be on a train, I do usually to buy The Times. And £2 a week isn’t bad. It may even force up quality.

How? Well, take that article I linked to at the top:


My bitching about that means nothing. After all, I didn’t pay to read it, so I have no leverage with the provider. But my £1 a day, or £2 a week will give me that leverage.

Okay – maybe not me alone, but as this service struggles to get off the ground – with gits like me blogging screenshots of any bullshit behind their paywall and generally taking the piss – complaints about quality will carry much more weight.

So I’ve registered for the preview of the new site.

You can do the same here:


UPDATE: Live webflimflam at 1430GMT here.


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One Response to Yeah – good luck with that

  1. manwiddicombe says:

    When I read the story I thought “Pay for it? Will I bollocks!” but on reflection (and after nipping down the road to buy the papers) I realise that £2 per week is less than I pay already for physical copies of newspapers.

    And also there are gems like this that we would miss …..

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