Harriet Harman Arrested for Refusing Heathrow Body Scanner

Earlier, we were alerted that:


So the latest news comes as no surprise.

Mindful of recent coverage, Ms Harman became agitated when asked to proceed into the body scanner. She expressed her insistence that she be monitored by a female operative.

When the Heathrow security chief explained that there were no female operatives on shift, due to widespread maternity leave, The Leader of the House of Commons began to stab furiously at her Blackberry, sending an update to her Equality Bill.

The scene became ugly when security officers explained that the scanner was nonetheless mandatory. Harman flew into a frothing rage.

As she was handcuffed and lead away, she yelled, “I will not my scanned by any Man or any Tory.”

Her press officer later said, “She’s Harriet Harman, you know where to find her.”

Wormwood Scrubs refused to release contact information.

Sigh… Fridays.

Personally, I think it was a missed opportunity to get a flap-shot for her autobiography.



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