Family Ties

If you grew up in Manchester in the late 80’s-early 90’s, you may have heard of Dr Herman’s, or Herman the Hippy’s – a head shop that started out in the Corn Exchange.

Well, Dr Herman’s apparently gone from strength to strength since then, because the Daily Mail reports today, that they have 5 6 stores, and in those stores they sell the panic-starter of the moment – mephedrone.

So what? well, so nothing.

Except that the proprietor appears to be the son of a vehemently anti-drugs Labour MP.


The revelation will prove to be a huge embarrassment to MP Louise Ellman, Labour’s representative for the Riverside area of Liverpool.


Mrs Ellman has freely aired her strong anti-drugs views, even condemning GPs for handing out anti-depressants too readily.

Then stop fucking depressing us.


To be fair, she must deserve some credit for having a son who has had much more of a positive impact on my life than she has.


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