It’s a disgrace

You wouldn’t think I’d care about this:


But I do and here’s why: Going away during school holidays is, for me, a complete no-no due to the cost and the abundance of screaming little gits. Conversely, the school holidays are usually a period of profound joy on the roads, as all those addled, sleep-deprived, people-carrier driving fuckwits are away on holiday, instead of in my damned way as they usually are.

If these people’s holidays start to spill out into term time, it’s a lose-lose for me. The joy and cheapness of going away during term-time are eroded, and the drop in fuckwit co-efficient on the roads during school holidays becomes indistiguishable.

Oh and I’m paying thousands for your brats’ educations and you think I shouldn’t care that you’re squandering it?

Accordingly, I can but support schools who take the dimmest view of parents taking their kids out of school during term time.

Still – I suppose there may be one benefit – the profound work-fucking effect of half the workforce buggering off on holiday in the same 2 weeks may be somewhat attenuated.



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