The Budget: What people are saying

Well.. what I imagine they’re saying – I can’t bring myself to actually talk to any of the tedious fuckers:

“I don’t drink cider, so it doesn’t affect me – it’s a good idea.”

Can you say ‘thin end of the slippery wedge?’ It’ll be too late to complain about needing a permit to buy your bottle of sherry.

“The inheritance tax threshold should be frozen – why should people inherit free money?”

Perhaps when your parents die, and the house they’ve lived in for your entire life turns out to be worth £400k, and you have to sell the house that means so much to you, to pay the tax man, you’ll think differently. But it’ll be too late.

“Of course fuel tax should go up. I always use public transport, which demands investment.”

Well, yes. But when your company’s logistics costs increase year on year, savings have to be found somewhere. Redundancies, anyone? It’ll be too late.

“Of course people who earn more than £20,000 should pay more national insurance to support the NHS and pensions. I’m happy to pay my share.”

Don’t forget that your employer is also facing an NI hike, making you more expensive to employ. Now, about those redundancies – are you ready?

Etc and ad nauseum.


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