What makes you think we want you back, splitters?

Does this country need four million extra residents, of whom the vast majority are retired?


Almost 4 million Brits living abroad are planning a mass return to home shores after seeing their savings and income stripped by the plunging values of the pound and their property.

The dramatic slump has slashed their income by a third and has turned Brits into the paupers of Europe.

Fears over job security and falling property prices are also giving expats second thoughts, according to research from foreign exchange specialist Moneycorp.

Some 845,000 Brits living in Spain and France have suffered an 8 per cent drop in house prices in the year to August 2009 alone. This wiped €30,000 off the average property on the Costa del Sol.

Look, Derek and Irene. You left the UK because it was full, and rainy, and dangerous and oppressive, and expensive and poor value. It still is, and you decaying old giffers coming back here to clog up our roads with your Volvos and Toyotas is not going to help.

So turn around and fuck off back where you came from.



About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

4 Responses to What makes you think we want you back, splitters?

  1. manwiddicombe says:

    So they try to go back to where they came from and the people there tell them to go back to where they came from? My head hurts.

  2. Angry Exile says:

    The lesson is not to fuck around and to take nearly all your money out, at least when the UK is being run by a cyclopean madman who’s simultaneously a kleptomaniac and recklessly profligate.

    • Al Jahom says:

      This is the problem – not guys like you, who have no need or want of coming back here.

      It’s the people on a fixed UK based income who are fucked – and that’s basically the retired. I don’t want them stinking the place up with their piss-rags.


  3. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I’m not going home, I’m staying where the bamboo is sweet and cheap.

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