The Penis Mightier Than the Sword

Via Ambush Predator.


A musician writing a playlist for his next gig was kicked off a train for writing the band name The Killers.

Tom Shaw was told by security officers that what he was writing was ‘suspicious’ and despite his protests he was asked to leave the train.

Once on the platform Shaw showed the officers his list, which included the name of the best-selling American rock band as well as the Oasis song Cigarettes and Alcohol and Shut Up and Let Me Go by British band the Ting Tings.

After giving explaining to them why he had written Killers, the officers let the 25-year-old bassist go.

‘We play a track called All These Things I Have Done by The Killers, and to save time I just wrote Killers,’ he said.

‘They did ask me about that so maybe that was the reason I was told to leave the train. It seems very strange.’ 

Shaw, who plays in a band called The Magic Mushrooms, was kicked off by the South West Trains officers just minutes after boarding the train at Fratton station, in Portsmouth, Hants.

Precisely what sort of ‘officers’ are these then? Not police officers. Not even PCSOs. South West Trains ‘officers’.

Jumped up simian cunts in shiny jackets more like. Still – at least they can read, if not understand things like context.

‘We would like to thank him for his co-operation and understanding of the need to be vigilant in the current environment.’

The ‘current environment’? You mean a state of fear imposed by the government and willingly enforced and augmented by any dim-witted fucker who’ll put on a fluorescent jacket.

Fuck you all. Fuck the collaborators, fuck the supplicants. Oh, and fuck South West Trains.



About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

3 Responses to The Penis Mightier Than the Sword

  1. patently says:

    You haven’t really travelled until you’ve told an officious git on a train to fuck off.

  2. A Zimbo says:

    What a fucked up cuntry this really is.

  3. Peter MacFarlane says:

    I would be pretty astonished by any uniformed arsewipe even trying to read what I was writing while minding my own business on a train, or anywhere else.

    Not saying I’d resort to physical violence – I’m not that kind of guy – but it might be difficult to restrain the verbal stuff. Possibly there might even be sarcasm.

    Why do we stand for this p15h?

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