Say no to Cake

All this moral-panicky-jerky-kneed hoohah about so-called ‘Miaow-miaow’ (mephedrone) lead me inexorably to revist one of Chris Morris’ finest moments.

Sit back, drink in the ludicrosity and submit to Youcouldn’tmakeitupphoria.


Embedding is sadly disabled, so click through an enjoy, in 3 parts.

Plus ça mongs. Plus c’est les mongs choses.

Seriously though – this Miaow stuff is alarming. Look:



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Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

One Response to Say no to Cake

  1. Ethan says:

    I really don’t understand this.
    It’s widely publicised that it’s caused deaths.

    But people whine oh it’s legal so I took it to get high. Well thats your choice isn’t it. Are they seriously saying that if it wasn’t legal they would not have taken it? So Heroin / Cocaine – not legal. Can we say that nobody takes it? No.
    So what difference does legality actually make? We all know that it’s stupid and may kill you.
    Mr Sensible sasy’s OK I won’t do it then. I’ll stick to snorting unleaded instead. Anyone light my cigarette?

    I take the Darwinian view myself. If your a fuckwit then whatever the circumstances you’ll probably find a way to take yourself out of the gene pool eventually. So why should I give a rats behind? Get on with it as quickly as you like and don’t bother me.

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