Admirable Insurance

This is good news.


Well, you pay for the perceived risk that you represent to the underwriter’s actuary. That’s the way insurance works.

As you may imagine, the hordes of righteous are all over this finding.

It will reignite concerns that some foreign drivers pose a greater threat to road safety with some not even able to understand basic signs.

Good – because it’s true. I drive a lot and I’ve lived in London. Foreign drivers are a menace.

Kevin Delaney Kevin Delaney, the road safety chief at the Institute of Advanced Motorists and a former head of traffic at Scotland Yard, said the problems will continue because some new arrivals have different attitudes to safety.

He said: "There have been some problems and there will continue to be problems with people coming in to the UK who do not know what our traffic laws are.

"A lot of people coming to the UK, especially from Eastern Europe and some of the African states, are coming from countries or backgrounds where there is a completely different attitude towards safety.

Quite so.

An investigation by Which? magazine found the Admiral Group charged on average 18 per cent more for a driver if they were not born in the UK, if all other factors were the same.

A spokeswoman for the insurers said that reflected their experience that motorists who have not been resident in the UK all their life generated approximately 20 per cent higher claim costs, from a combination of more and bigger claims.

But here come the gashmonkeys.

Which? accused the Admiral Group of breaching the Race Relations Act after finding it was the only one to charge based on whether the driver was born in the UK or not, after comparing with 15 other companies.

It is passing the information on to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

Peter Vicary-Smith, chief executive of Which?, said: "It is outrageous to charge someone more for insurance just because they haven’t lived in the UK for their entire lives. We believe that this kind of discrimination has been outlawed for decades."

Wait – just rewind a moment.

[Admiral] was the only one to charge based on whether the driver was born in the UK or not, after comparing with 15 other companies.

Well, that’s splendid news – so if you want an insurance company that doesn’t force you to subsidise higher risk drivers, go with Admiral.

I mean – you wouldn’t go with an insurance company that would charge you the same as a 17 year old lad, would you? And women – you get discounts for being ‘safer’ drivers than men. Should that stop? It may well have to under Harriet’s equiality bill – how would you like that?

So fuck Which? and their specious complaint. If the EHRC throw this out, you can bet that the other insurance companies will follow Admiral’s lead, and that will be good news for all of us.



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