Why is rape ‘special’?

Of women or men.

I mean, why is it that, with victims of all sorts of crime being let down by the police and the justice system, special justice-distorting arrangements are forever being made for victims of one specific crime?

Yes, yes. It’s a violation. The French for rape is ‘le viol’.

Being burgled is a violation. Being watched by a stalker or a CCTV voyeur is a violation. Having your computer records viewed by unauthorised parties for prurient or criminal purposes is a violation. Airport body scanners are, to many, a violation. Having your fizzog all over the papers after a false accusation of rape by a bird who cannot ever be named is a violation.

And it’s terrifying. As is being kidnapped, or stalked, or robbed at gunpoint. Or jumped by a gang. Or arrested on a false accusation of a crime where the word of the victim is sacrosanct and the burden of criminal proof is stacked against you.

So why is rape special?

Sure – it terribly damages its victims.

As does being disfigured for life by a bottle-wielding Glaswegian. Or suffering a broken back thanks to a drunk driver and spending life in a wheel-chair, unable to walk or fuck ever again.

Its victims are especially vulnerable, too. Unlike octogenarians who are having flaming dogturds pushed through their letter box by the local ABOSists. And unlike children abused by priests. And, apparently, unlike Steven Hawking at the top of a staircase.

The rates of successful detection and prosecution are very low. Well, yes. As they are with practically everything that can’t be detected by a speed camera.

The rules around rape trials have already been badly distorted by New Labour and legal minds (which I am not) on the intermong will tell you more about that.

I’m just sick to the back teeth with this obsessive feminist tinkering when the whole criminal justice system is, in large part due to Labour (and feminists), a cluster-fuck of Hindenberg proportions.


UPDATE: Harriet Slapped. Ooops.

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2 thoughts on “Why is rape ‘special’?

  1. Because it’s linked to old fashioned concepts of a loss of women’s ‘honour’? Which in turn is linked to devaluing of a man’s female property?

    Whatever, you’d think we’d got beyond that in the 21st century,wouldn’t you?

  2. Jaysus! I have never, ever, thought I’d see a picture of Harman where she would look doable until you gave us that juxtaposition! Ewwww. I don’t fancy yours much.

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