#twitterarrest #helppaulchambers Update


Thursday it is then.

I guess (iAnal) it can go three ways now.

  1. The judge can reject the motion to change the plea to not-guilty and go on to sentencing.
  2. The judge can accept the motion and declare that there is no case to answer.
  3. The judge can accept the motion and set a trial date in front of twelve men good and true.

Probably the best result all round is option (2) and I expect that’s what Paul Chambers is hoping for (I would be), but option (3) would (one would hope) make South Yorks Police, the CPS and the government look very stupid indeed. Sadly, it would be unlikely to get underway until after the election.

So fingers crossed for Mr Chambers and cheers to the above iconised twatterist for keeping us updated.



2 thoughts on “#twitterarrest #helppaulchambers Update

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