Pointed out by a co-conspirator.


A senior council officer is facing the sack after it was revealed he leads a sordid secret life as a Nazi sex fetishist.

By day Gareth Mead earns £90,000 a year as the head of social housing and homelessness at Hammersmith and Fulham Council – but by night he dresses up as a jackbooted fascist for racist sex games.

The authority immediately suspended Mead, 44, following the revelations in the Sunday Mirror yesterday, and he now faces a disciplinary hearing which could result in him being sacked.

Mead was revealed to have sent vile racist texts to other men involved in the fetish scene, promising sexual gratification through horrific Holocaust fantasies.

In one of a series of shocking photographs, Mead is said to recline on a sofa, wearing jackboots, leather trousers, a khaki shirt with a swastika armband and a Nazi officer’s hat.

As one of the council’s top housing officials, Mead heads a team of around 20 staff who manage housing policy across the socially diverse borough.

One man who met Mead told the Sunday Mirror: "What he was texting was really too much.

"I could not believe that he had such extreme views while he is earning a lot of council taxpayers’ money paying lip service to multi-cultural political correctness.

Well, normally, I’d say it’s fuck all to do with anyone, but if you live by politically correct bullshit, you die by it too, matey.



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3 Responses to Schadentroffle

  1. RantinRab says:

    Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

    I’m still trying to get the wife to agree to pish on me whilst I lie in the bath.

  2. JuliaM says:

    Oh, you two are bad… ;)

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