Why would anyone go to Dubai?

Ever since a friend of a friend had a run-in with the authorities in Dubai, I’ve noticed some of the various stories of westerners treated (in our terms) harshly after minor or imagined transgressions there.

Time after time, I ponder the titular question and I cannot think of a single worthwhile reason. When will people understand that whatever the tourist board tell you, Dubai is an Islamic state, with all that entails?


A British man and woman facing jail in Dubai for kissing in public have vowed to fight the charges and clear their names.

Ayman Najafi and Charlotte Louise Adams have appealed against sentences of one month in jail and deportation from the Gulf state, after they were convicted last week of kissing and drinking alcohol at a beachside restaurant. They will hear the results of their appeal on April 4.

The pair insist they had just kissed on the cheek but their claim was dismissed by the court.

They were arrested in November after a Muslim woman complained that she had seen them flouting Dubai’s strict decency laws. Appearing in court last week, the two admitted drinking alcohol and were fined £180 each.

Their prison sentence and deportation were suspended when they appealed against the conviction for kissing. The pair were bailed but their passports were confiscated to prevent them leaving the country.

They appeared in court again today, where their appeal hearing was pushed back until April.

So, look. It’s their country – it’s up to them. But why go and even take the chance?



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