Amazing! More of this please.

Spotted via @TheABD on Twitter.


LORRIES are to be permanently banned from overtaking during the daytime on two stretches of a busy North East motorway.

The ban is aimed at curbing the frustrations of motorists stuck behind two slow lorries overtaking, and on increasing the capacity of motorways.

It is to come into force on the A1(M) in County Durham from March 31, following an 18-month trial which the Highways Agency has hailed a success, claiming less congestion and improved journey times for other vehicles.

From 7am to 7pm each day, lorries of 7.5 tonnes or more will be banned from the outside lane on two uphill stretches of the southbound carriageway of the A1(M), between Junction 63 at Chester-le-Street and Lumley New Bridge, and between Junction 61 at Bowburn and Bishop Middleham.

The ban will be enforced by fines and penalty points.

Results from the trial suggest that leaving the outside lane clear for the thousands of lighter vehicles which use the route every day has improved overall average journey times, but had no adverse impact on HGV journey times. Highways Agency Route Performance Manager Steve Bishop said: “We are committed to tackling congestion and making journeys on our roads safer and more reliable.

I am aghast. I gather they are trying it out on the A20 in Kent.

Now then – A34, A303, A36, A417, A419, A43. Hop to it, fuckers.

As an aside, this is already normal practice in parts of continental Europe. Moreover, in France, HGVs are completely banned from the roads on Sundays and holidays.



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4 Responses to Amazing! More of this please.

  1. George says:

    Don’t get to excited, we’ve had this on a stretch of the A14 for 18 months and all the lorry cunts ignore it, I have never seen a copper enforcing it once.

  2. John says:

    Yay, let’s ban some more things!

    Oh, wait a second….

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  4. XX Moreover, in France, HGVs are completely banned from the roads on Sundays and holidays.XX

    Same in Germany. UNLESS they have dispensation when they are carrying goods that are time sensetive, such as food stuffs that will go off, flowers (mostly apllys to Dutch drivers), live stock, etc.

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