Pope is balls-deep in paedocrime

Is there no end to this?


Moral. Authority.



UPDATE: yes – I changed the post title to please the Cunty Clown. Fuck him, and all seamen who sail in him.


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Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

6 Responses to Pope is balls-deep in paedocrime

  1. Some credit would be nice.



  2. rantinrab says:

    I love you guys. The standard of insult is amazing.

    You pair of monkey felchers.

  3. Anna Raccoon says:

    It doesn’t make a vas deferens what the Pope does, until he lets the buggers marry they’re gonad keep hitting on the choir boys.

    • Al Jahom says:

      Except that, expecially in countries like Ireland and Italy, the priests signed up to the seminary because they’re gay.

      So unless they could also be openly gay and have a civil ceremony, offering them women isn’t going to keep the choir boys safe.

  4. 34thDegree says:

    How heroic,how valiant,how noble of the warriors and valkyre of the Blogging brigade.
    Unable to make an iota of difference to the erosion of freedom in their own domain,they
    tilt their keyboards at old popes and dodgy priests.Carry on tickling the keys,lets see you take on the heavies,while you still have the opportunity,if you know what we mean.
    Theres allways plenty of room on the barricades

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