No Platform Numpties

Tom Harris on fine form, and clearly of sound mind. When he can stop rattling on about Doctor Friggin Who for a minute, anyway.


The boycott is being suggested as a response to Total Politics publisher Iain Dale agreeing to interview Nick Griffin for the latest issue, a decision which resulted in the resignation of Labour MP Denis MacShane from the TP board.

And of course I sympathise. And I admit I raised an eyebrow when Iain announced on his blog that the interview was happening. But I won’t take part in the boycott, for a number of reasons.

Read on…

He concludes:

why is it always the Left which calls for boycotts? Why must that, rather than argument, be our gut reaction? That and banning stuff, obviously.

Why indeed Tom. Now about your votes on the smoking ban.



5 thoughts on “No Platform Numpties

  1. What about my votes on the smoking ban? You think I should have supported a full blanket ban instead? Or do you think I should have supported the government in banning cigarette displays in shops?

  2. Well, according to this, and by all means correct me if I’m wrong, you may have been against removing the exemption clauses for pubs etc, but you still voted the bill through on its third reading, like a good wee sheep.

    And it wasn’t a Scottish matter, was it, since Scotland had its own plans for this?

  3. As a matter of principle – (look it up Tom). I’m against big brother statism telling me what I can or cannot do. Especially when it’s done in such a cack handed manner.
    Further I am instinctively hostile to idiots borrowing vast vast VAST sums (in my name) and then utterly wasting the money wholesale.

    Especially on the unending torrent of patronising claptrap prime time radio and TV adds for the Nanny state NHS. Eg Don’t eat this, don’t drink that etc etc.

    We have serious problems in this country that the current HMG is completely ignoring in favour of it’s ‘Bread and Circuses’ strategy.

    Simply put Cromwell said it best (paraphrased) .
    For all the good that you do ..In the name of god…GO and GO now.

    I cannot tell you of the serious and complete utter contempt in which I hold this current administration.

    I look forward to most of the 646 being eligible for job seekers allowance in the near future.

    Please excuse the politeness of this reply but if I expressed in a normal vocabulary just how much I detest the current HMG I would be typing nothing BUT expletives.

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