This should be entertaining

Surely this isn’t a special interest group to be taken on lightly. A bunch of tired hormonal women, with torn vaginas? Oh yeah – I’d taunt that like I’d poke a rabid wolverine with my finger.


Mothers with buggies face a crackdown in a government campaign to improve the public transport ‘experience’.

Officials have identified parents with prams as a priority target, alongside passengers who drink or smoke.

Obviously, I’m not in the habit of using these so-called ‘buses’, but this is a classic Niemöller sequence and I have no sympathy.

Next to persuade airlines to ship children in the baggage hold. It’s not cruel – their parents are welcome to join them.



4 thoughts on “This should be entertaining

  1. It is probably the first time in their entire history that “Labour” have been right about something.

    These bloody women pushing around their bastards in the pram worlds equivalent of a bloody Humvee should be banned from ALL publlic places.

  2. The village pub, Mothers without cars etc

    Is it a Viking funeral Labour are after?

    and still Cameron faffs on

    Does he really want to be PM?

  3. Do you think that the economy is so utterly borked that both parties are actively trying to lose the election? Hoping to stuff the other one in the process.

    With a Government this cr4p Cam should be about a million points ahead in the polls by now.

    I would just like both of them to lose and get a Thatcheresque government back into power. A Government that can count up to 21 without having to remove it’s trousers. A Government where people like Harman, Livingstone, Brown, Galloway, Whelen and Mandleson (plus some others) are quietly taken outside put up against a wall and shot – for the traitors that they are.
    A government of the people by the people and non of the people are based in Brussels OK?.
    OK some of thats just a wish list but you get the idea.
    Not too much to ask is it.

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